Saturday, July 22, 2006


Maybe the question should be why do ASD people hate parents of autistic children? Or should I go the other way and just say why do kids hate their parents? My oldest being 11, I am only now learning recently of this 'kids hate their parents' syndrome. Being the parent of an autistic 3 year old (as well as four other children of various NT ranges of disfunctionality), I find the level of venom coming from various sources disturbing. Being a parent of an autistic child who chooses to try various biomedical approaches, I am feeling as if I have to explain EVERYTHING I do for my child. I assure you, nothing I am doing with my child is life threatening nor life altering (nor do I expect it to). All I am looking for is better responses to her various therapies.
I guess I WAS looking for a "cure" at one point, but my knowledge and expectations have shifted from that of finding the 'antibiotic' to finding the right type of therapies to reach her and have her be able to reach me. Why should vitamins and diet be met with such a backlash of anger though? No need to answer that, I know who the anger is mostly pointed at, I just wonder why it flows down to the parents.
Which brings me back to my title. Do you think my Liv is going to grow up to hate what I tried to do for her? I certainly hope she has the presence to formulate and to express it to me!

Sorry for a disappointing inaugural post. I just felt that if I post graffitti on all your blogs, that you have the opportunity to draw on my walls...Bill