Monday, January 08, 2007


I made a comment today on the AutismWeb board and I wanted to expand on it a little. The discussion was along the lines of "If you could cure autism with a pill". I'm going to plagiarism my own stuff:

"The 'magic pill' certainly puts a different spin on it all. Implications of changing who they are at the core is disturbing (especially in the genetic manipulation category). I would prefer to work with the 'architect plans' we were given and use the best materials and find the flaws that can be corrected as we build. I would hate to think that I messed with the 'Frank Lloyd Wright' plans to come up with a cookie cutter ranch..."

I liked the Frank Lloyd Wright reference and, as I thought about it, it had more and more connections to my life dealing with a autistic daughter:
  • Frank Lloyd Wright buildings went notoriously overbudget, those of dealing with the spectrum, nuff said
  • Buildings were often leaky...Again...spectrum...nuff said
  • Frank himself, if I recall, was notoriously tough to deal with, not to the extent of many autistics.
  • He made the most of the space he had... What was that one house called? Waterfall or something like that. I imagine my daughter has created a beautiful personal space; even if it has only enough room for herself and her fingers in front of her face! She's letting us visit more and more lately.
  • His buildings are arguably some of the most beautiful in the modern age. You KNOW MY daughter IS the most beautiful in the modern age. Actually, its 4 way tie with the other girls in the house.

Alright, turned sappy, thanks for listening,


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Rochelle said...


I'm new to your blog but I wanted to tell you that your post made me smile. I was telling a friend over the weekend that if I could "cure" my autistic son or if there was a neurotypical child inside waiting to come out, I sure would miss the autistic one.

Just wanted to say hello and that I enjoyed your post.