Monday, April 23, 2007

Racist Ken and Barbie

One of the ways I cope with the life I have chosen is through humor. My humor is of the ilk of a Robin Williams; a no-holds barred, stream of consciousness, bizarre inter connectivity of the world. Case and point, I found my daughter playing with some dolls. Let's slip into diagnostic mode first. I love the fact that Grace, my youngest and 'mild PDD' for lack of a better diagnosis for a pre 3 year old, is playing with dolls, although much of her playing is really scripting of Dora episodes involving dolls of Dora, Boots and Diego. She will recite much of the lines in an episode, but I still like that she is somewhat role playing.

Anyway, to get back to the sick humor of the situation, Dora, Boots and Diego were joined unexpectedly today by two new characters. Ken and Barbie had joined separately on two different situations. Grace never gave them voice, but I did. "Hello, Hispanic children and strange monkey, do you happen to know where Barbie's bungalow is?" Ken said. I imagined him and Barbie as vain, bigoted, Southern California airheads. I'll not get into the biased viewpoints of the couple, as we have standards here, even on the internet. But you can imagine what the two would think and say to and about two kids not of the white, Northern European stock. I had Linda in stitches all afternoon though.

I'm surprised Robin never got himself into more trouble…

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Life without humour is nothing.I wear gold crocs constantly which my children feel signifies that either I have a warped sense of humour or I'm just plain mad.I am happy with either view!