Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dad Moments

OK, OneDadsopinion has forced my hand and I have to write some of my dad moments (especially since he's got a link to my blog on his site...thanks).

I guess this doesn't have to be autism specific, although you know most of it usually directly or indirectly orbits the girls, but each will get a moment anyway:

Aly: This little sweetheart answered my call and got up at 6:45 this morning to watch the girls so I could get out to work a little early and Linda could get a few extra minutes sleep. She got four 'pressed pennies' from the Parkway rest stop that I was promising.

Dillan: Gave up the pressed penny Aly gave him, just to make his brother a little happier. Remind me to give him that Triple Chocolate Klondike Bar I hid in the freezer.

Jason: Was told by Liv and Grace's day camp school that he is SUCH a great brother for helping his sisters and mommy getting in the school by carrying bags and opening doors. Mom couldn't do it without him. He got the pressed penny...

Liv: Has been lying on the pillow facing me on the other side of the pillow as I try to get her to sleep and she just smiles and beams, I even get the occasional quiet "dadi"! Don't know WHAT I could possibly give her to pay for that!

Grace: The "DADDY DADDY" at the top of the stairs while rattling the gate when I get home, gives me the energy to get through the last push of the evening getting everyone to bed. I opened up the case of Bristle Blocks she asked me for even though I knew it would get turned upside down and dumped, adding 5 minutes to nightly cleanup.

Wow, that was the easiest post I've written in a while! Probably could do that EVERY day...


mcewen said...

Good for you!
Best wishes

Steve D said...

I've had a really busy week, and I just noticed that you linked to and responded to my post. Thanks for that! I linked to you b/c you are a thoughtful, well-meaning dad that I am proud to associate with. Keep up the good writing.