Friday, September 21, 2007

We AIN'T Gonna Take it

I'd like to take a moment to try and help those less fortunate than us, to lend a helping hand to those struggling day after day to provide what is best for everyone. I came to the realization that these noble groups need a helping hand, a rallying point from which to gain momentum. I am, of course, speaking of those hapless fighters for the American way of life, the insurance companies.

I wanted to see if I could alleviate the pressure from my little end of the universe, the autism community. I came up with a slogan, an acronym to help them wade through the sea of bills being submitted by our community. Something that would stem the tide a bit to allow them breathing room. So, for their benefit, I bring you---A.I.N.'T....Autism Is Not Treatable.

This will assist them in stopping anyone with an autistic child's medical or therapeutic expense. Rather than having to say that Applied Behavioral Analysis is 'experimental' and might only help a small percentage of children, they can just say "This AIN'T covered". Instead of having to say that speech or occupational therapies show very slow progress in many autistic children and we can't cover any more than 10 visits, They can simply stamp "AIN'T Covered" on the bills. All those 'concomitant' conditions: seizures, gastro-intestinal problems, motor apraxia, sleeplessness; doctors everywhere are already attributing these things as 'symptoms' of autism, let's just eliminate the burden and stamp them "AIN'T Covered".

Yes, all these can be eliminated from the overwrought clerks and their overflowing inboxes. The country can be safe from these unnecessary intrusions and potential destroyers of the American insurance system. American's can be 'insured' of lower premiums; and all these issues can be taken care of in the place where they rightly belong: all administered by the local school boards in their local communities.

Now before you consider me heartless, think of all those poor unfortunates that are adversely impacted by these unnecessary intrusion on their way of life:
  • To the thousands upon thousands of stockholders, many of whom may be your parents and grandparents (some maybe even have autistic relatives) will be ensured a steady flow of much needed income to pour back into the economy
  • To the executives, who are pressured beyond measure to post those double digit profits EVERY quarter for Wall Street, lest they are put on the 'sell' list...
  • To the doctors, nurses and office administrators who continually have to submit and resubmit these bills
  • To the arbitrators and lawyers fighting hard to keep the system fair and equitable for all of America
  • But most of all, to all those hard working clerks, overburdened with the deluge of bills from the thousands of kids receiving all these experimental therapies, many of which take YEARS to show any kind of improvement. Rejecting, resubmitting, trying to stay within the confines of the rules and regulations put up ONLY to serve the greater good of society. Their's is truly a thankless job.

Yes, thank you to all you folks, I hope my proposal will make for a better world for you and yours. God Bless America!

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