Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of Course You Know, This Means War

That's the phrase from the old Warner Brothers Cartoons that came to my head when I read about this site:

Opposing Views Launches As A Debate Site Where Experts Go Head-To-Head

Getting average know-nothings to create content for your site is easy enough and well understood by now. But how do you get experts to create in-depth topic pages about the hot-button issues of the day, complete with videos, links, and healthy commenting? Russell Fine is trying to do that with Opposing Views, a site that launched a few hours ago. It pits experts against each other on topics such as the economy, global warming, health issues, and politics. "We are trying to create a site where people can get well-informed on a topic quickly," says Fine.
Opposing Views is an information portal disguised as a debate site. Experts debate hot-button issues, and readers can comment and vote on who they think is right.

And, of course one of the first debates is the vaccine/thimeresol/autism debate. Get your tickets, ladies and gentlemen, this should be an epic battle:

Have fun folks...

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