Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Glad Their Priorities are Straight...

I debated posting this, since it was so short, and since I should really be focusing on the current financial crisis and the bailout proposal. But since Sen. McCain can debate tonight, I guess I can post a quick post:

Linda got a call from the school today, went something like this:

"Yes, Linda, this is the nurse from Grace's school. We wanted to let you know that Grace ate a piece of crayon today. But please, rest assured that they ARE Gluten/Casein free. Another child had eaten a whole crayon and her mother checked up on it and found out they are indeed GF/CF."

I'm just glad to see that we first have them properly trained on GF/CF protocol and that they are working hard to make sure that all foreign objects my children eat will meet their dietary requirements. I'll also be happy if they minimize stimming on bagel knives and redirecting fixations on small house fires...

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