Monday, February 02, 2009

Flu Season

OK, I may not be very coherent today, because I am part of the 37.5% of the household stricken with the flu. It's been a fairly weird couple of weeks. Two or three weeks ago, we started with a cold in the house. I think I've mentioned before that the CDC uses our household fro advanced early warning and tracking of various minor epidemics. The boys were both down for a day or two, then Gracie was down (I think Livie was in there too intermingled, but I'd have to pull a FOIA to be sure). But last week, the big F.L.U. hit. We thought Aly had been a straggler with the previous cold, but when she didn't get back up properly on Thursday, and Liv began showing signs of the same lethargy on Friday, we knew we had a communicable disease in our midst. Not nearly as bad as the pandemic of '07 mind you, but still chock full of coughs and miserable children.

Lin and I kinda took it as a blessing in disguise. We cancelled Livie's weekend therapies and set out to clean house. We rarely get the chance to tag team the house on a weekend anymore and we relished the chance to do some hardcore cleaning. We got through our bedroom on Saturday; I packed up all my CD's and by Saturday night, I was whipped. But it turned into something more by the time I went to bed. By Sunday, I was in no position to clean (horizontal) and Linda was in no mood (sleep deprived due to a late night with Livie) to make any attempts either.

So, I got a sick day Monday, and I am anticipating (like waiting for black hooded man with the sickle) for Linda to come down with it and split the household down the middle and send the house into panicked survival mode. If there's one thing worse than a house full of sick kids, it's a house full of healthy kids and sick adults!

We had the two girls to the doctor today and she has seen this one and it's the 7 day variety. She knows first hand because her flu vaccinated household has been through it. Aly's got a pass from school until Wednesday. We hope the other three kids might have had a white blood cell boost with the previous cold. As for me, I don't think I have the stamina to be here all week; I need to go to WORK and get some rest!

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