Thursday, June 25, 2009

Middletown in Monmouth/ IMPACT OASIS Pull it Together

I know it's probably small news in the whole scheme of the autism world, but I'd just like to give a big fat kudos to the state of NJ, the township of Middletown and most of all, to those innovative and hardworking group of people in the town who go by the name of IMPACT OASIS for pulling off the purchase of a 26 acre tract of land that will benefit the community in so many positive ways. For the town, they provide much needed open space. As an added bonus, they secure a place for autistics transitioning into adulthood to gain a sense of independence by providing a place to work, live and contribute.

17 acres will still be preserved as open space, but the remaining 9 will be used as farmland to create a working farm and community with autistic young adults at its center. IMPACT OASIS has been working on this deal seemingly ever since I moved down to Monmouth County, I am proud to say that they have realized their dream.

What's almost as impressive is the deal they struck. they had $900,000 of their own money; there was $250,000 from NJ/NY Baykeeper $200,000 from Monmouth Conservation Foundation and a stunning $1.55 million from the township. A bargain for all involved! Thanks IMPACT OASIS for following your dreams and making it a reality. Read more from our local paper, this is a program that I hope could be duplicated throughout the country.

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