Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I had to write a note about Liv's recent independent forays into the world of cognition.

Last week, she made a leap in her PECs program, Picture Exchange Communication System for those who do not know (including me, I had to look it up!). She had been working off of picture from the cover. But last week at school, she found her cover empty, so she proceeded to open her book and go through the pages until she found what she wanted and pulled off the picture she wanted! Her teachers were shocked because no one had been working on this with her. To make sure it was not a fluke, they tried it twice more and both times she picked out some different things she wanted. She also repeated it at home this weekend!

OK, one thing thing, but another thing is ANOTHER THING! Today, she came in from riding a bike with Aly and the therapist. She was thirsty and when no one was quick on the draw, there was a cup and a small bottle of juice on the dining room table, so...she just poured herself a glass! Again, nothing she was working on; this is no where close to what she normally does. Her fine motor has been getting better over the past month, but this was unexpected!

It's obvious to us she is paying attention, she's just picking this stuff up from watching us, her teachers and, oh yea, her little sister. Both Grace and Liv have been playing with some kid percussion instruments lately. The teachers say and we agree that we have to push her a little more, she's really beginning to progress and maybe she's just bored and needs new challenges.

Sorry to fill a post bragging, but you have to sit back and admire the view when you hit high ground!



Mom26children said...

The view will get better as Liv gets older. Sounds like she is on the right track.
Delay does not mean she will not catch up.
I love bragging....makes us human.
Keep up the good work Liv..


Bragging is good, I would brag too if my daughter started using PECs so well but I'm afraid she just doesn't think she needs it.She has learned to drag us to what she wants and show us and now it is difficult to make her change.congratulations on your achievements.


You can take it slow too. See if you can get her to drag you to what she wants, then after she's got that down, move it so she has to point to it or she points you to the item, then move to creating icons that she has to hand to you.

We moved using this method, very very slowly, it must be 12-16 months or more now since she started consistently dragging us like you are talking about, to where she has really started to take off on the PECS. Sometimes you have setbacks, but consistancy pays off eventually... with all kids, right? ;).

Do'C said...

Neurotypical or autistic, I think the tendencey is often to assume a child can't do something simply because, well, they're a child. Nice post Bill, and the bragging rights are yours. Next thing you know she's going to want to use the stove - something else where you do acutally have to say, "ah, not yet".

sixmaybemore said...

That is so awesome! You definitely deserve bragging rights!

abfh said...

Nothing wrong with bragging, Bill, and it's good to see a dad who is so proud of his kid! Liv sounds like she's one smart cookie. :)

Also, thanks for your comment on my blog... you're quite right that with today's shortage of engineers and other technically inclined workers, our society needs to put more effort into developing the talent it has.

Jennifer said...

This is wonderful Bill. I am sure that Liv will be surprising you more and more as time goes on. My daughter has done amazingly well, and I couldn't be happier to hear someone else brag!