Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day Kobayashi Maru

For those who do not know the name of the ship Kobayashi Maru, without getting into the whole Star Trek lore, think of it as a no-win scenario. Linda faced hers last night. It is our tradition to let the other sleep in on special days like birthdays and Mothers/Fathers Day. Last night was Linda's test of character and she passed with flying colors.

I was out like a light last night and she heard (at 2:30)what she though was Liv's super low chant/stim (sounds like some kind of Buddahist mantra to achieve nirvana). When she entered the room, Liv was asleep but Grace was up like a shot, blankie and Nuk in hand and mouth. Sharing the bed with Grace is not really an option, she is much to fascinated and distracted being between the two of us, and winds up wandering the room, some type of bodily or property damage is inevitable. So Lin takes Grace out to the living room to Grace's little Dora futon, where as long as she has a hand on her head, no motion and darkness, Grace will return to sleep.

15 minutes into the living room exile, the real fun begins, with the REAL Buddah-mantra from Liv. Since there is no one in there to disturb, Linda and I psychic-ly agree to leave her in the bedroom to her early morning search for inner peace. The external peace however, is becoming problematic. The mantras now include the heal kicks into the wall which, during the daytime, are tolerable, but at night become a sort of dripping faucet to the 15th power (imagine construction on your house and you get the idea). I get up and bring her into my bedroom. Two minutes later, I get the offer from Linda for the better accommodations in the living room with a nearly asleep Grace while she gets the shift with Liv and the 45minutes-1 hour it will take her to be calmed down (including massages and maybe an occasional kick if Lin begins dosing off.

So I get the 'good night's' sleep, Linda gets the extra hour of sleeplessness. I was looking forward to sleeping until 9 this morning; but this is NOT how I wanted it to go down!

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