Monday, June 11, 2007

Makin' the B B B B Sound With My Lips and Index Finger Again...

Just another standard weekend from hell...

Friday, up early, Grace sick. IEP in the morning, she's with us at the meet, concentration difficult with Dora recitation in the background...Speech therapist finally helped us by taking her for a walk while we talked about Liv's progress. Bright spot of the weekend as Liv's doing very well. Doctor in the afternoon for Grace, ear infection. I get the grammar school pickup in the 90 degree heat. Lin gets the after school shopping trip for the birthday party supplies for Saturday's party. Somewhat crazy evening.

Saturday morning, another sleepless night as Grace continues to hack through the night. Cancel the girls going to Saturday therapy. Gather together party accouterments for noontime party. Mother in Law arrives 15 minutes before we are to leave, with our two new 'houseguests'; two of her cats. Takes a combination of cold logic about being late and various threats to get kids away from new cats and out the door on time.

First part of swim party goes off without a hitch (of course, because they're occupied in a pool!). Make the mistake of overestimating eating time; 15 minutes before party is supposed to end, I have 15 nine year old boys hopped up on pizza, cake and caffeinated soda in a small hot room with nothing to do. Swear I had this nightmare before, having 3 times the amount of kids and no way to control them...

Saturday afternoon/evening: cat saga continues. New cats are hold up in the garage, old cat is afraid to go in (food and 'relief' located in garage). Birthday son suddenly has burning cash and a burning desire for something his cash matches: a Wii. He and Lin go out to just stroll into the local Toys R Us to buy one. Lin calls and informs me that strolling did not work; she's going to try several other different store chains to see if stroll works there. Meanwhile, old cat winds up relieving himself in a small cardboard box right in front of us. We discover blood in his urine, and have to find a new place for the Dora puzzle. We find a 7 day vet within 10 miles of us for tomorrow morning. Cancel planned visit to relatives for tomorrow.

Sunday morning, double whammy last night; Grace at 1 am, Liv up at 5. Lin got 1 am, I got 5. household consciousness occurs around 9 am (using term consciousness loosely). 10 am call to the vet yields a 1PM appointment. 10:10 AM call to Toys R Us yields laughter as the 50 Wii's which arrived Sunday morning were sold out within minutes. Online elicits virtual laughter (or greatly inflated prices). Cat goes to vet; gets minor cystitis diagnosis. I get a 'break' waiting 30 minutes for urine sample analysis as I and vet were lucky to get sample. Alternative involved an empty litter box, a syringe, a fridge and another trip to the office which was, shall we say, undesirable. Arrive back refreshed and exhilarated as kids have been cleaning room for use as temporary cat storage.

Sunday night, weekend of fun an frolic begin to ask for the tab to be paid. Laundry not done, kids not properly up on homework, dishes growing from neglect, supliments need mixing for the week, parents begin hallucinating from exhaustion. Forgot to watch everyone get killed on the Sopranos.

Monday Morning 3 AM: Woke up to stars in my eyes as Liv was in our bed and had inadvertently smacked my eye. Get up at 6:30 so that I can get out and go relax at work. Load dishwasher, get 5 bags of garbage outside, awaken children and RUN LIKE HELL!

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