Sunday, January 13, 2008

Norm Crosby would be proud of us...

You old time folks would remember Norm Crosby, the king of making up words out of the blue. I realized that our household has quite a few that are part of legend and current normal usage:

Perfinity (adj)- a level of cleanliness of a room that invokes scowls from the children. Combination of perfect and infinity. Originator,: Dillan

Hum a dum(v)- Used only once after a 3 year old Jason threw up in the hallway. When my wife stepped in it she was audibly grossed out. After thing settled down a bit, Jason asked
"Mom, why did you hum a dum in my throw-up?"
"Hum a dum," she puzzled, "what's that?"
"You know,' he said matter of factly, looking to the ceiling walking and seeming oblivious to anything, "huuumm a dummm a dummm"

Wub(n)- a certain part of the male anatomy that is not a penis. Originator: Jason

Doooogie Dooogie(?)- definition unknown. Originator: Olivia

Cows give us Miiiiilk (phrase)- "I don't want to go to bed". Originator: Grace

Ginormous (adj)- We swear Aly made this one up years ago, but it's in the dictionary...

Sticky Way(n)- Proper noun for geographic location of the 20X30' pile of dead trees, branches and bushes in our backyard. Definition clarified by the recent addition of pulled out brambles AKA sticker bushes.

Box Everest(n)- Another geographic location in our garage that consists of our 'mountain' of cardboard recycles. Originator: in dispute between Jason and Dillan

Nipnips(n)- generic term for prepubescent nipples (male or female) Originator: Linda & Aly

Rick, Big Carl, I Didn't (n's)- proper nouns for various body parts on various children. Please note 'Big Carl' is a body part located ABOVE the waist.

Tikaticktika (?)- term used for various happy situations, possibly tickle and well. Originator: Olivia

Goodbye Grace (phrase)- term used to say "leave me alone" Originator: Grace

Pooted (v)- term for flatulance. Origin in dispute: could have come from cartoon 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Freinds'

Guacamommie(n)- term used for dip made with avacado, tomatos, salt and garlic. Originator: Grace

I have to decide whether to append this post or make up yearly addendums the way Webster does...stay tuned

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eatmisery said...

My daughter Liv says "guaco in my taco" when she poops. It's not so funny when company comes by and she says it.