Friday, April 18, 2008


I have to continue the innuendo, but no, this is not a blog about governments' and the medical industry in cahoots, it's about the random but seemingly intelligent way that life tries to get in the way of life. I understand that we just perceive the randomness as having pattern and we really don't always lose our keys when we're late, it has just got to me lately.

The first factor in this story is that it is Autism Awareness month. Everyone is planning their events, symposiums, plays, walks, concerts, spaghetti dinners in April. Us being homebodies, we don't get out more than once a month, so to expect all to go without a hitch this month would have been the true conspiracy.

My first 'mmmbummer' moment was realizing we were going to miss the POAC walk in NJ this month. POAC's one of my fave organizations, but we had to support our local school's spaghetti dinner and, in a rare moment of insanity, we thought that it would be 'fun' to bring the whole 7 of us. After a Grace meltdown, bad pasta and losing at 50/50 tickets, we realized we were not going to last the full 3 hours and, abandoning all hope of winning any of the gift baskets, we went home. We also had a night waking that night, so Saturday we were not getting moving for anything but a major illness.

Now, the highlight of the month was technically not an autism thing, but it related heavily to our situation. Linda had booked to be in a conference in Central Jersey for a day-long workshop on Wrightslaw, headed by the Wrights themselves. At least I'm pretty sure it was the Wrightslaw Wrights and I won't even get into the Right's right to rewrite the Wright's writing of Wrights Law. Anyway, from what they advertised, it would have been a great way to get our mindset for the IEP season coming up in June.

In any event, the day before she was set to go, she gets this awful sore throat. I'm off that day mercifully, so I jump in and take over some of the things she has planned and try and get her to the doctor. Word comes back...Strep. Trooper that she is, she thinks if she can rest up, she'll muddle through the workshop. I let her get some extra rest during the day, but night comes and we have a double wakeup a 3 in the morning, I took the brunt, but the damage was done, she's shot and gives up on going. Today, we take the two girls and find out Grace has it too and Livie may have had it a week ago (she had been selectively holding food in her mouth we thought it was a new behavior, my poor baby). We are infested, but at least we now have a reason why the girls have been getting up at night.

We'll not be attending the POAC play Day After Day tomorrow in Red Bank. Now that's a luxury that we could not afford this month, we've already worn out our babysitters for the month.

Kinda hoping this month would end: too much to do, too much to look forward to and too much hope to dash! I'm getting a little tired of wearing my autism golf shirts, although I did get someone ask me about autism, so I got to get on my soapbox while at a business meeting in Baltimore. I'll just be glad to get to May, where we can settle into warmer weather and a somewhat normal life again. Although, I think I'm flying solo for a weekend in May; Linda's going somewhere with her mom and Aly!

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Alyric said...

At least I'm pretty sure it was the Wrightslaw Wrights and I won't even get into the Right's right to rewrite the Wright's writing of Wrights Law."