Monday, April 21, 2008

The End of an Era

I know that growing up is all part of 'growin up', but certain things just tug at your nostalgic heart strings, like no training wheels on a bike, going to the potty for the first time, or going off to kindergarden. If Linda and I tread very lightly over the next few days, Grace will pass us through another right of passage.

It all started rather innocently enough, mom/Linda first diagnosed with strep throat 10 days ago, then last week, we check Liv and Grace's throats and we get one hit and one possible recovery (meaning Linda may have gotten it from Liv). Livie had been night waking the week before and it could have possibly been a sore throat. Doctors orders though, all items that currently reside or have re-sodded in their mouths has to go. Toothbrushes replaced; the boo boo buddies collection, one of Liv's stimmy 'guilty pleasures', out with the trash. But the most significant pieces of trash were Gracie's Nuks (pronounced like 'book'). Yea, she's comin up on 4 and we never took them away; yet another willful child taking advantage of overwrought, passive aggressive parents.

We first had a nookie roundup where oldest three were offered a 25 cent a nuk bounty. $6.00 plus later (Alyson of course grabbing the lion's share) we were nukless, save for 3 that we had on the side. Linda had the inspiration of de-nukifying the youngest. We had lots of trouble with Jason when he went nuk-free, and we were set for the battle of 2008. But the day went off without a hitch. "Oh yea, well wait 'till bedtime, we're going to have to give in if she starts screaming", Linda was already beginning to waver and this coup was almost completely bloodless.

I put her in bed, Grace made a well-practiced sweep of the bottom area of her bed rail to find nothing. "Nookie?", barely a hint of desperation in her voice. She rolled over grabbed her two favorite blankies, and whined softly "nookie" over the monitor protesting for maybe 5 minutes. I could tell that Linda was waiting for the loud wail, but it never came, she was out in 5 minutes...success! "You wanna just bust in there and shove a nuk in her mouth, don't you?" I said. I got a nod and one of those my-baby's-not-a-baby-anymore looks.

Oh, I'm probably jinxing it by posting, but it looks as if the nuk day's are over, one of the easier battles we have won...
I realize the potential for using the word 'nookie' may get me in trouble, especially on Google with late night toothless fiends looking for inventive terms for sex. We would occasionally get looks in public if we asked various of our little children if they wanted nookie, but hey, dialects are dialects...

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Milestones come in many flavors!