Thursday, November 13, 2008

PA Leads the Way Yet Again...

Our neighbors to the west are beginning to put NJ to shame as far as offering autism services. First, it was the insurance legislation HB1150, that forced PA insurance provider to cover up to $36,000 in therapy services for autistics (you listenin', Corzine?). Now, they have done something for the over 21 autistics by setting aside $20 million for an autism waiver program that will offer everything from assistive technology to job placement assistance to counselling and crisis services.

Not being part of the group of folks that have to deal with adult autism services, I can't adequately judge whether the programs are better, far better or similar to other states' programs; it's just good to see an entire department in PA dedicated to autism services for adults and appear bent on providing sorely needed, targeted work specifically at a group that is most often overlooked. We just need to get that 200 person limit at least doubled, but good job, Governor Rendell! You may make me believe Republicans actually DO care! (and have a talk with that Corzine character across the Delaware!)

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kristina said...

great to hear about this----NJ's gotta catch up!