Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Writer in the Family

Well, every time I seem to post about Livie and her accomplishments, Gracie decides she has to get in the game. I caught her in the kitchen copying the words "LOVE SOMEONE WITH AUTISM" off of a magnet on the microwave. Before, I could show what she had done, she had erased the Magnadoodle (fantastic gift for any young kid by the way). She then proceeded to write the bottom word 'AUTISM' again as you see here in the picture. It was ironic, sad and fantastic all in one weird emotion as my wife, mother in law and I exchanged glances.
She then walked into the other room and was quiet for a while, then she asked Linda "Spell daddy". D-A-D-D-Y, then more silence. I walked in, she had gone off to do other things. I said "Who wrote this?" I did not recognize the handwriting as one of the other kids'. "That's got to be Gracie, she just asked me how to spell daddy" Linda said. To translate, L to R/T to B: JAYJAY, DADDY, LIVIE, GRACE, AUTISM
Honestly, her writing does not phase me anymore; she has been writing and spelling out loud for several months now. She will spell out almost everything she sees, and sounds many of the words out. She can spell Mississippi and she only gets a letter or two wrong on antidisestablishmentarianism (just kidding on the second one!). This time was special for us because she had did this all from memory and had written so many things on one board. Like Livies words, I could not pass this up with just a cheer and a clap.
In our world, it's very hard to not be clinical about what our girls do and just enjoy the moment. I just think, if we can only get her behaviors and her socialization better, and work on her scripting and echolalia, she could be AMAZING in kindergarten. No matter what though, she is going to be amazing in school, we just have to fight so that she has the chance to be amazing.

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