Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Can Happen While You're in the Bathroom

We had a long day today. We had a doctor's appointment in Lon Gisland today and we had to leave at 1:15 PM. It seemed like the powers were trying to keep us from going, so much was happening during the hour before we left, I just had to flesh it out.

Of course, all this happened while Linda was 'prepping' to leave (translation: showering and actually putting ON makeup). She goes in at 12:15, My Mother in Law, Aly and I are conversing when Aly's future 'mommy ear' detects a scream from downstairs that is not the 'hey give me that you IDIOT!' scream. 3 seconds later, Dillan is coming upstairs crying, holding his eyes. "I was playing with this rubber thing, stretching it across my feet and it hit MY EYES!" At first, the holiday wanted my to prompt the Christmas Story line 'you'll shoot your eye out', but by his tone and wailing, I could tell this was NOT the time. The rubber portion had shot across his eyes and we were not sure whether his corneas were damaged.

We spent tense minutes as Dillan slowly was able to open his left eye, and then eventually his right eye without too much pain. There were several moments there that my MIL and I exchanged those "warm up the car, we're going to the emergency room" looks, but they did not materialize. I sat on the couch next to him and felt a sharp pain go into the ball of one of my feet. Normally I would have "OUCHED" and suppressed a curse word, but under the circumstances, I though better of it. I lifted my foot and pulled a centimeter long, needle sharp wire from my feet, almost like a push pin thing. Luckily, it hit one of my callouses and it did not cause any major damage; minor bleeding and I got it out.

OK, eyes getting better, metal shards removed from body parts. I go walking in the hallway and Jason says "Gracie says she has to go POOPIE!" Quick Robin! To the BATroom! Grace's been giving me a hard time in the bathroom lately, but this time, she went right away, no poops, but she did pee. Almost the second she's out, Livie's at my hand dragging me down the hall. I figure, she want to know where mommy is, but she stops at the bathroom. This is VERY unusual for her; I take her in and put her on the potty. BAM! Major incident averted. She is hailed as the goddess of the throne that she has just shown me.

1:05...Linda emerges from the bathroom with no idea that the world had turned upside-down, sideways, major feats had been achieved, major potential medical procedures averted. We ran a little late, of course, but we got there on time; we just HAD to get her up to speed on what had happened why she had whiled away her time primping!

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