Thursday, April 02, 2009

Autism Awareness Day

I feel remiss of late because I have not been heavily focused on the area of talking on the internet and fighting for rights and legislation and general visibility for those on the spectrum and those who care for them. Today, of course, is Autism Awareness Day and I think many families on the spectrum are in the same spot that we are in: we have far to much to do to spread awareness. I did wear one of my Autism Awareness golf shirts to work today; I still got berated for being late for a meeting because I choose to help my wife get my two autistic girls on the bus in the morning. There are far too many people out there who have that 'pick yourself up by your bootstraps' attitude and refuse to believe that THEIR priorities are THE priorities and that accommodations are for the weak. I however, have grown to a new understanding and have new definitions for the words 'accomodation' and 'weak'.

I've had a very weird and tough week and much of what I have had to deal with has had nothing to do with autism; but I find that, in many cases, it indirectly does. Late because of the extra accommodations my daughters need to make sure they get on the bus; I'm tired because Livie got up in the middle of the night (it's been much better of late, but still); my wife's still ferrying the girls to after school therapies. We always have that specter of whether we are doing too much, not enough and what is best for each girl.

I guess that is what I'd like everyone to be aware of: that it is still a daily struggle. But then again, after 4 years on this road I have grown so much in my capacity to appreciate the small things in life. My love for my girls and pride for what they have, can and will accomplish knows no bounds. My pride and love for everyone in our family and how they have grown to meet this challenge as well, astounds.

I just hope that every family dealing with autism can grow in their capacities the way ours has over these past 4 years. Yes we do need 'accomodations'; but we are far from weak. God bless us all and those looking from the outside into the spectrum, keep us in your thoughts today, this month and throughout the year...

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