Friday, April 03, 2009

Post Mortem

I have to finish up the deer story, because I had so much fun with it this week. First and foremost, my yard is now doeless, Jane was taken away on Thursday afternoon. The cost was less than the 300 dollars originally quoted. But when I got home Thursday night, my mom-in-law confronted me saying "I would have done it for 50! I could have made a couple of bucks..." The ditch digging careers were short-lived for me and Dillan; no way I was spending a rare weekend off in hard labor; besides, the rains in our area have once again turned our backyard into Lake Monmouth. I would have had to weigh her down with boulders to get her to the bottom.

My best moment, however, was April 1 at work. My whole area was well versed in the now legendary ex-deer and my predicament. Late in the afternoon, I called home and got no answer, so I held on the the receiver and decided to have some fun.

"Hey hon, did the guy come yet to pick up the deer? What do you mean your mom went back there? No, no no your kidding me? With a KNIFE? Wait, wait when did the cops get there...and she was bloody? OK, OK, OK calm down! I'm sure the neighbor across the street can watch the kids while you go down to the station. I know I know, but Aly can watch the girls. OK, you want me to come home? What's that? APRIL FOOL?"

Suddenly, the office broke out in quiet snickers, as they had heard the whole story. I retorted and held up the receiver and said "The jokes on YOU all, there's no one on the line!" I had been looking all day to get them and I finally did!

My performance was nominated, and I'm sure it will win, the Robert Newhart Academy of Telephone One-sided Conversations Award... affectionately know as the 'Phoney'. I am out a tidy sum getting rid of that animal, but I sure did have some fun with it!

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Fleecy said...

Heheh, "phoney." All that and it leads up to a pun. I think that's great.