Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wow, I'm Slipping!

Holi Canoli! I turn around and more than a month and a half has passed since my last post. It's not like there has not been material in the past 45 days, but most of my good ideas occurred inside my head, often as I am drifting off to sleep. I guess I could do a Twitter version:

Vacation, late August...3 day trip to Cooperstown to relatives...I had entire posts in my head on generational frustrations of showing historical baseball in the hall of fame to boys who seem to care-less. My one liner to them "my only satisfaction is that you will be in this Baseball Hall of Fame 25 years from now with YOUR boys pulling your hair out because they won't listen to you about Derek Jeter!". Also, baseball players, despite the exorbitant salaries, have it kind of rough: 162 games in 183 odd days, half the time away from home and travelling to dozens of cities otherwise...I'd want at least a million a year for that too...can you imagine the minor leagues and those players' love for the game?

Back to school- wow 5 kids, three new schools, new schedule, paperwork in quintuplicate (filling out an entire pile with the wrong kid's name), school supplies, oldest child in HIGH SCHOOL (lines on my face gettin' clearer).

Ableism- wrote a long poignant piece in my head last night on society's desire to indoctrinate to reward 'the best' and not 'the best you can do'. Comparisons against others and the old, almost instinctual 'pack mentality' to rank from high to low no matter what group you are in is something that is hard to fight; even in the disability world. How do I as a parent know when I push for progress for my daughters future's sake and not for 'progress for progress' sake'? So much of the post was lost when Gracie kicked me in the head in the middle of the night...

I can't promise that I'll be back into a regular posting schedule over the coming weeks, but I will try and stay up an extra half hour on occasion, to get the ideas out of my head and into the I-ther...

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Michelle said...

Hi Liv's parents,
I am Michelle, we have met every so briefly as you have signed up for my special education law and advocacy meetup group. I am impressed with your thoughts and how eloquently you seem to reach into my own head and write what I am thinking. Your everyday struggles, sleepless/interrupted nights and constant thoughts of whether we are doing the best for and by our children, I believe, is shared by many of us. I too am a mother of two autistic kids (boys) and look forward to reading more of your thoughts and chiming in every once in a while "0). That being said, since you are in the area, I hope you'll find a moment to come out and meet more of us (ie. the meetup group, meeting Tues., Sept. 29th @ 7:30pm Franklin Township Library - under the name MovingMindsForward). Since I just stumbled upon your blog, I look forward to reading more when you have the time available to continue sharing your thoughts!