Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wright On!

Linda and I took a day off today, so to speak, and journeyed to the land of Washington Irving to Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry NY. Of course, days off that don't directly or indirectly involve our kids and/or autism are very rare, today was no exception. We attended an all day conference on Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy, to all you parents of special needs kids, I would highly highly recommend it. You receive two books and an all day talk with one of the founders of the Wrightslaw website, Peter Wright Esq. (but don't hold the lawyer title bias you, he's really a nice guy). Breakfast, Lunch provided...all for $100 for BOTH of us... how can you go wrong?

If you've never been to the Wrightslaw website and you have special needs kids, time to leave the cave. The resource is truly amazing and Mr Wright was quick to point out that kudos for the incredible information provided should go to his wife Pam. Again, if you have special needs children, I urge you to go there; if you have ever had ANY problems with your local school district, I demand you go there. If you are anywhere within the areas where he is giving this one day course or the two day intensive 'Boot Camp', It's money and time well spent.

I guess in retrospect, it's not that you learn all THAT much from the seminar over what I could have done researching on the site fro 8 hours. It's more the inspiration and the fact that you are forced to think about it all day, not to mention all the great ideas that pop into your head as you listen and review the details of special ed law. We also already had both books (Special Education Law and From Emotion to Advocacy), now I have my own copies!

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Maddy said...

Fortunately we're in a good spot at the moment but I'll keep that nugget tucked away for future reference.