Monday, July 06, 2009

Compounding the Problem

As previously mentioned, we've been battling a Decepticon called Streptococcus, which invaded my daughter Livie almost two weeks ago, then finally showed it's true form in me over the weekend. On top of that, one of his little minions, Otitis Media, tried to further transform my weekend by taking residence in my youngest, Gracie. All three of us are now under the care of the anti-bot Augmenton. Unfortunately, Livie's mind is being controlled by this transformer, to the point where cannot rely on a frontal assault and we are going to have to attack from the rear. (Sorry, for those without preteen boys or not into mindless action films or complicated plastic toys HERE is a little background to the analogy).

Reality is that Livie's more than week long ordeal with the strep throat has left her very punchy as to what gets passed her gullet. She is thankfully eating and drinking now, but has taken great pains to not letting anything that does not meet her strict criteria of delicious passed her mouth. Unfortunately, this includes all the great thing she needs, like ibuprofen and most of all, antibiotics. She had been doing pretty good over Friday and Saturday taking the antibiotic twice daily; then on Sunday, she began to hold the medicine in her mouth. We used every sleeve to find tricks to get her to take it: hide it in applesauce; hide it in liquid; use an upcoming meal as a carrot to get her to take it. We tried one more time on Sunday night and finally gave up.

You really cannot get anyone to swallow something if they don't want to, so you have to find another route. I'm very surprised that more doctors don't know about the idea of compounding pharmacies. Our doctor here in Monmouth County is interested in getting information about the closest compounding pharmacies in the area. Apparently autism isn't the only area where oral medications are refused! A compounding pharmacy can put many prescriptions into a suppository form. Of course, as per usual, this comes at a cost; and of course, there is no 'insurance code' to get the cost reimbursed. Just another one of those pain in the aspirations to get insurance to recognize and cover real medical needs.

Back to work today and reflecting on a semi-hectic holiday weekend. I did get in some fun (defined as prolonged periods of staring at cooking food on the grill whilst holding a 6 or 12 stringed instrument or adult beverage). But just like the adage that it ain't a party 'till something gets broken; it never seems like a holiday unless we are scrambling to a doctor, pharmacy or drug store...

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