Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Human Petrie Dish

Ah, back onto medical issues...
We are feeling horrible today because Livie has most likely been living with strep throat for the past week. It started last Thursday when Livie had a fever, rash, mucous on the back of her throat and a coating on her tongue. All these are classic symptoms for strep and Linda wanted to set up an appointment with the doctor. "Bill, can you take off or even a half day today?" She said with almost desperation in her voice. I had a two day training class that, practically could have been missed, but politically would have been career suicide to miss. Linda, talked to the doctors office and found out there was going to be an intern as well as the doctor. Perfect, another set of hands. She took Jason just to stave off WWIII at our house if we left the three fates alone together.

I guess I should explain, like most of us, Livie does NOT like to get throat cultures. Unlike us, she takes a throat culture and an imminent death threat, and she needs to be restrained. Linda, Liv and Jason set up in the examination room and the intern steps in. First mistake...Livie gives her a sideways glance to say "I don't know you, you don't know me...prepare to be thwarted". Livie was tentative but cooperative toward the intern. Then her normal doctor came in and Liv did her babble she reserves for people she knows. More standard business then, the moment they've all been waiting for, the SWAB. You really need 4 people for the swab: one for the legs; one for the torso/hands; one for the head and mouth, one for the deed. The intern turned out to be too tentative for the task, she did not seem comfortable restraining a child, Liv saw right through th weakness and to0ok advantage. By the time they were finished, Jason had jumped in on the legs and Linda had the torso, arms AND mouth. It was not a good scene.

The test came back negative, and we were left with the prospect of a viral infection. Livie was not swallowing much and was frequently pooling her saliva because of her supposed throat pain. This continued through the weekend and into the next week. We were under the impression that she was working off of a fear of still having a sore throat. Then came my part in this play.

I was just not feeling well on Wednesday afternoon at work. I came home that night to discover I had a fever, body aches and a sore throat. I had come down with this virus. Thursday, I called in sick and Linda saw my sickness as an alternative to bringing Livie in to the torture table again. I went to the local emergency care and got myself swabbed. “You got kids?” the doctor asked. “Yea, lots of them.” I said. “Well, one of them has given you strep.” He says.

Oh boy…that poor girl has been fighting a strep for more than a week. We took her right away to the doctor, and I filled in the anchor of holding her torso and hands and we had a much easier time getting a sample, and of course, if came back positive. Now the biggest problem is going to be getting her to take the medicine, we may wind up having to have it compounded into a suppository. Oh JOY, that will be an adventure…

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