Monday, March 31, 2008

Autism Awareness Month - WhatdoIdo?

Autism Awareness Month is upon us and I have done NOTHING to prepare! It's the same with anniversaries and my wife's birthday, I always wait till the last minute for inspiration to strike...most times the only thing that strikes is my wife when she finds out I got her nothing for our anniversary or her b-day!

OK, my first stoopid thing I'll do...where an Autism Awareness shirt to work every day. I must have at least 10 of those, meaning I'll have to do laundry around the middle of the month. I might be able to do that.

Should I try and blog every day? Ambitious...I'll probably have steal half of Kristina Chew's posts to do that. I dunno.. might take up too much time, I'll try though.

Let's see, something else to do, about autism...something meaningful, Paint my car with puzzle pieces?...nah too much work. Protest at the state house in Trenton about the state of insurance coverage for autism therapies? Can't get a day off...that won't work. Allright, think hard...autism...helping autistics...who do I know who's...HEY, I GOT IT! Maybe I'll spend more floortime with my girls! Get the other rugrats to do the same! YEA! What better way to celebrate autism awareness month than to spend more time being aware of our autistics!

OK everyone, get to work raising YOUR awareness of that special someone in April. Hug or scratch or stim with or walk with or talk to or listen to or just be with that significant person or persons in your life who makes you care about the fact that that it's Autism Awareness month. OH yea? Well then, do it MORE!


beau99 said...

As for me, I have a lanyard that says "Autism Awareness" on it, as well as a puzzle ribbon lapel pin.

I wear both each and every day.

Jamilynn9 said...

The Mad Hatter in Sea Bright will be having an Autism Benefest to raise money for Autism Speaks on April 26th at 1:00pm-2:00am. The event will have live bands, children's activities, gluten-free food, beach volleyball...If you need more info, I can email you a flyer.