Monday, March 10, 2008

Not to be Outdone (subtitle: Timing is Everything)

While Liv has shown some interaction, Grace must have been reading my blog and decided to try and outshine her big sister. Grace has some fantastic base skills: she's sight reading, she's speaking three languages (echoic behaviors, thanks Noggin), she's a whip with puzzles...but.

She had been very very obsessive compulsive lately. She'll want things done a certain way, say certain things from shows and DON'T interrupt or change it. She had been calling all people 'mommie' when requesting. Playing just this way requesting just that way...but.

The past two weeks she has mellowed somewhat. Not as much echoing; we've been working on mixing up the way we 'tell' her how to request (Daddy, can I please have a juice; Aly, please get me that toy) and she's more general. She's been the other half of the comedy team in the tub with Liv, they've been more comfortable with each other's presence and physical contact is not uncomfortable (maybe it's because it's starting to get crowded in the tub!). In short, she's been a different kid these past two weeks. Maybe it's the ABA kicking in, maybe its us switching her from Methyl B12 to Hydroxy B12; maybe maturation...dunno. We'd be completely happy with this, but.

We had hired a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst to go into her classroom to write a behavioral plan. We're eventually going to have her moved from a pre-school disabled program to an autistic-only Verbal Behavior classroom. She had been acting out in class almost from the day she started in September last year, we have somewhat confirmed fears that they were just letting her do whatever she wants in the classroom, and she had begun to regress over the past three to four months. The BCBA was going to get the teachers and the aids working to stop the slipping. So when she went last Friday, she was met with a child with half the outbursts she had the previous week. Ironic that you CAN sometimes get what you want, God never says anything about WHEN you want it!

So, we're somewhat cruising here...some of the tumblers are clicking. It's crazy as usual, but the unusuals are pleasant surprises. Saturday afternoon, I had these cloth 'clubhouses' , both Liv and Grace were playing independently. Liv decided to go into the kitchen, Grace wanted someone else in the house, so she came out calling 'Liv' (She has NEVER sought her out before) and she tried to drag her with her. Liv didn't reciprocate...but WOW, what a breakthrough!

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