Monday, March 17, 2008

Command Performance

My wife requested I write about my day and try to put my usual comic spin on it. Well, I'm still in the midst of it, so I'm not sure how it's going to come out, so here it goes.

First things first...standard bad morning. Grace has a fever and I heard her talking in her sleep around 4:30 am. I'm trying to drift back down again when our six inch wide cat decides to try and jump onto the three inch wide window sill...not once, but twice! Tigger has a heart condition so I don't throw her across the room like I do with a normal cat (kidding ASPCA). After hemming, hawing, holding down and minor scratching, she gives up. We do, however hear Grace again; Lin gets geared up to bring her into the living room, only to find it was a false alarm. 5:30 comes around and this time it's no drill, Linda takes her into the living room. I begin drifting off again when the other half of the girls bedroom wakes up at 6:00. I keep Liv in bed with me; Liv is none too happy about this and lets me know for the next 60 minutes until it's time to get up.

The rest of the morning goes pretty normal...1 hour commute is only 1.5 hours due to a car fire blocking the Parkway (not mine and an extra half hour is really not that bad). Get through the day, I get to leave early at 4 (yeaaa!) to go finish my root canal (boo!). Allot 1.5 hours to get there,it only takes 1 hour (booo!) dentist takes me early (yea!).

My current dentist is a woman, and it occurred to me what a perfect job for a woman who's a capital B witch: dictate to men what to do with their mouths and inflict LOTS of pain! Not that my dentist is like that. Truth be told she reminds me more of Dolores Umbrage from Harry Potter fame. Very frilly office, pink matching everything and a woman at the center inflicting pain. I guess I would feel the same way about anyone ripping at my lips sticking sharp objects into the roots of my teeth.

OK done with the med-evil pre dinner appetizer. Get home and get the main course. Grace is looking horrible with her fever on the couch; she gets up and comes onto my lap. AWWWW, she's laying her head down on me. EEEEEWWWW she's throwing up all over me. Circumstances have it that I get stuck with her on my lap for the next half hour until the Motrin takes effect and I get to get out of the days now wet stinky clothes.

I go out to get myself some Whoppers for dinner, I'm about to sit down to eat the when "Bill, can you eat in the bathroom?" Liv's in the tub and Linda's trying to get something else done. She must have seen the mixture of pathos and anger in my eyes, so she let me have the 6.5 minutes to eat them, then I get the easy job of watching an already clean Liv in the tub. Not so tonight as two grunts and I suddenly have a first class poopy emergency on my hands. Quick get her out of the tub, destroy any toys that came in contact with water and clean the (OMG, I forgot to clean the tub! I'll get that later).

I topped the evening off being reminded what day it is and searching with Jason and Dillan in the dark backyard with flashlights...for leprechauns. As luck would have it I'm obviously not Irish, for I caught no leprechauns nor breaks today.

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