Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Ugly Green-Eyed Monster Rears Her Beautiful Head

We're dealing with some wonderful new behaviors with Livie lately. If I were a 'normal' parent (we could get into whether I'm 60% normal or even if I'm abby-normal with the 60% as well), I would probably be lamenting the advent of something that most dread. But Liv has begun to show JEALOUSY! We weren't sure a few days ago; Linda was singing the 'I Love You' Barney song with Grace on her lap. Liv was on the couch, covered her ears, got up and assaulted Linda (grabbed the side of Linda's face and gave her a dirty look). Linda was in shock trying to figure it out. A few minutes later, Aly and i were singing the song to Livie and got laughter, then her version of anger. So we had sort of a mystery on our hands.

Linda figured it out a few days later...Liv actually HATES the Barney 'I Love You' song . She tried singing it to Liv and got a very negative reaction. But we have found other songs (namely the Peanut Butter song and others)she absolutely loves, and her therapists have been commenting that music is pretty high on her wants list. Linda has also had two more occasions where she has gotten negative reactions to flagrant signs of affection to the 'other party'.

So there we have it...two outward expressions of emotion: Jealousy and HATRED! The therapists have also been noting in her Saturday class that whenever they are doing what Livie wants; she's happy and compliant. But when it's Gracie's turn to choose, the hands go to the ears and she becomes quite ornery.

It's always been hard for me; when we first found out we were having Grace we thought that these two would be like peas in a pod, that they would be extremely close. Autism makes it seem like they barely acknowledge each others existence. It is thrilling, to say the least, that they are at least reacting to each others presence and realize that one is doing something the other wants or is causing things to not go the way they want. Wait till they have their first fist fight, Linda and I will be having tears of JOY!


andrea said...

heehee ... be careful what you wish for!

But seriously, it's always great when you hear parents talking about the plusses to having autistic children. Sometimes the issues aren't worse, just different.


Ah, but she can use it against me years from now and say "SEE, you thought our fighting was a GOOD thing!"

Yea, I almost wish they'd have a knock down drag out fight, but then I catch myself and think WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!