Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diary of a Mad New Week- Paying the Piper

Home stretch, the girls plane is due in around 11 pm which means they should be home somewhere just after unconsciousness. There are no serious horror shows in any rooms, I've seen it worse. I think the main issue now is we have to 'catch up' after all this fun and frolic. I've only done 7 or 8 loads of laundry during the 5 days, most of that was 'survival loads' of sheets and towels. If we don't average 2 loads a day, the piles creep up like a slow leak in the basement. Stocks are low, so a trip to the market is inevitable tomorrow. We also need to get prepped for the school week. If the older three are astute, they will realize there are Memorial Day parades around the area, and try to add that to the docket. Monthly cardboard recycling is Wednesday morning, seems like nothing, but with the amount of online purchasing we do, it's easily an hour job to bundle them.

We do project post mortems at work to see what the 'key learnings' are. So first, just like at work, attention to detail and a preventative approach will save you in the long run. I paid for it more than once this week taking the shortcut, rolling the dice and coming up snake eyes. Next, I'm not kidding myself, had this been a REAL week (we missed 4-6 therapy sessions during Wed-Sat timeframe), I would look like silly putty dripping off a seat right now. While I can DO this, I can't do it well. Last, of course, I have to recognize the master, the guru, the zen Buddhist of this universe, the one who can not only handle the extras that I did not, but still manage to get just a little bit ahead of the game by the end of the day. Baby, you're the greatest! Together, we're better than Lewis and Clark (or is that Martin and Lewis)!

And now, some outtakes from the week:

Grace, after opening the gate and starting down the stairs "Come on Livie, Come on!" She never addresses Liv directly

Grace again after having two pieces of a tub toy separate in the water, quite normal but she cries out "We need Sticky Tape!" (of course, from a Dora episode).

Aly, after being asked to watch the girls so that I could clean up one of the worst natural disasters in the living room Monday "Daaad, me and Dillan wanted to PLAY!"

"I'll do it." Dillan immediately after Aly once he realized the scope and gravity of the situation...

"Ha ha Ha!" Liv seemingly recognizing the irony of the situation at 5:30 am Thursday when the Dora book called out "Come on, Vamanos!"

"I'll have two Fla-vor-Ices instead" Jason after taking a look at the living room after being offered a big bowl of ice cream with Magic Shell and sprinkles if he helped clean up.

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