Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diary of a Mad Week- Wed

2:00pm- The '3 generation girls' have left the building. Linda was a blur getting everything set up for me. I didn't get another pep talk, she gave me an operators manual on how to get through the next 48 hours instead (the weekend she figures I can handle on my own). Reading through the book she wrote, I think I'll try and find a publisher and make a killing; this girl can out parent Dr Spock times Dr Sears! Controlling like my mother was...who do you think us guys choose to marry anyway?
3:00pm- hour one out of 110 complete, all children still accounted for
5:30pm- all kids fed, I'm ahead of schedule...a feeling of deja vu and forboding comes over me. Grandma left, I'm not pressing my luck, I still have to do 'bout a cookie? Better yet, a banana...
8:15pm- the girls' plane finally takes off (2 1/2 hours late), one of our fave pasttimes is looking for the plane to see if/when it passes over. "Wave kids!" Unfortunately, it's getting too dark for planespotting, we track the plane online instead.
8:30pm- Both the yougest girls are in bed. We have an 'iffy' for Grace tomorrow for school, she was out sick today with the sniffles; so... not sure, but she was active today, so I hope to get her to school so I can get a 2 hour break in the morning. Meanwhile, I get a well deserved break and will sit down with my DVR'd episodes of Ghost Hunters!

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