Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diary of a (Not So) Mad Week- Saturday

As the title implies, Saturday has been uneventful and even somewhat wonderful. You'll notice no times today, because there IS no schedule, this Saturday is appointment-free. Normally Liv goes to a Sat. program at 8:30, Grace goes to same at 10, Liv picked up at 10:30, Grace at 12. Thank those who sacrificed everything that I did not have to do THAT today!

Instead, we took it as it came. I decided that we would ALL go the the Monmouth Battlefield State Park, I talked the boys into being responsible for one of the girls. Pretty good layout, it's basically wide open farmland so even if the girls got too far ahead or behind, where were they going to go? The boys did a little 'who's holdin' Livie's hand THIS 5 minutes', but all were happy...except when we told Grace it was time to go. If it ain't HER idea...there's gonna be a fight. Hey, I got up at 6:45...I had plenty of fight in me.

Liv was amazingly playful in the evening. She kept changing the TV station to 'static' and I'd tickle her in retribution till she was giggly-sore...then she's get up and do it again. Me, her and Jay went at this game for a full 15 minutes. A real good time.

OK, 24+ more hours of solo work and the girls come home. I think I'm actually gonna make it, and I may actually be better rather than worse for the wear...

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Steve D said...

Bill -
I have thoroughly enjoyed your diary, and want to thank you for inviting me in for the week. You've done a marvelous job, and deserve to be proud of yourself and your 'brood'.
You deserve a firm "good job" for executing the plan so well.