Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diary of a Mad Week- Tuesday

Tues- Nothing new to report, other than my wife shrunk and got younger in the middle of the night (Liv woke up and she gets plopped in the master bedroom with me while Linda seeks refuge on the couch). I have many loose ends at work that may play into the week if I'm needed, my back up is out on vacation too. But the out-of-office messages are set up and off I go...have a nice vacation, yea, right!

Linda grills me on what, who, when and how, I remember by osmosis from repeated exposure to the schedule and quizzing. My mother would have had notes hung up all over the house; from how to operate the dryer to which way to wipe. It was before her time, but if Post-it notes were around in her day, she would have been their Post-er child.

The big difference is nowadays is that we are all cellular-ly (yea, I defy you to try and say that with a mouthful of peanut butter) connected. In the past, you needed hotel numbers, conference hall numbers, you had to time your calls and pay through the nose for them. Now, the only problem is if you forget to put your phone on buzz during a presentation. If I have a question or if I can't find something, I won't hesitate to dial her cell "Hey, hon? Where's the Valium?"

Aly is beginning to get more sentimental and mushy; she, like me, has this thing about good-byes...anything overnight and she gets teary eyed. She's threatened to pack Oreo, 'her' cat, several well as Grace.
Linda is trying to cram in all the things she can do up front to make my life easier, bless her soul. I'm halfway between panic and calm confidence. Yesterday was just a perfect storm and I was just not being careful. Ounce of prevention and all that good stuff...

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