Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diary of a Mad Week- Friday

6:00am- Better Liv, but still not great. I push it to 6:45, but she makes sure I don't even get an extra 4 winks...

9:10am- I'm left at the curb with Grace and NO bus. The bus driver and I had a confusing discussion about who would be on and not on the bus (Liv had no school today and Grace had been out sick for two, so our wires got crossed). I can't blame the bus driver, I have left her beeping at the curb for 5 minutes; I forget to tell her when Grace is not going to be on the bus; I physically pinned a note on my chest once to make sure I told her (she's STILL talking about that one). So, my 10 minutes to get Liv ready and out the door with Jason at 9:15 turns into 10 seconds of scrambling to get Liv dressed while Grace screams in confusion as to why I dragged her back in the house. I drop off Jay and swing over to the other school and drop Grace off.

9:35am- Livie's a good sport through the entire escapade so I decide to reward her (and me) with a trip to Deep Cut Gardens, a local county park. Beautiful day, but halfway through, I realize that both Liv's getting too big and I'm getting too weak to haul her onto my shoulders anymore. I have a torn rotator cuff. so my shoulder just don't GO that way anymore. I finally get her up there, but halfway up a steep hill, I find my weight and hers too much. "Sorry, girlie, you're hooffin it with me!". We still had fun despite my handicap.

10:00pm- day went off without a, truth be told this is EXHAUSTING, even when you limit yourself to the bare survival stuff. Me and Liv have been struggling with the potty thing, she went in MY bed and Jason's (shhh, don't tell him, he came to me and said "I think I've been pee-ing in my sleep, cuz my bed over here is wet."). I washed my sheets, moved the pillowcase from Grace's bed over to mine, moved one of Livie's over to Grace's, found only the Jessie from 'Toy Story' sheets were clean, couldn't put them on Jason's bed, so switched them off onto Liv's mattress and took her unisex sheets for Jason's bed ('every thing's a contingency' is the phrase we always use) .
I let the boys out until 9:30 with the other 5 boys in the neighborhood to play Manhunt (ringalario?). It's almost summer again...remember those days? All the Benny's are gonna invade my sweet coastline again, happy Memorial Day weekend...

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